Phone Centers

McMillion Research operates a 100 station telephone center at their headquarters in Charleston, WV. Close to a million surveys are conducted in the U.S. each year from this facility, not including the amount of international work completed by McMillion Research and their international partners.

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)

For those choosing the more conventional methods of telephone data collection, McMillion Research offers CfMC WebCATI and SSI Web programming and interviewing software which provides the speed, quality, and convenience for all telephone data collection needs. These systems provide an interactive solution to traditional data collection by providing the following:

  • Full Multi-modal research capabilities
  • Centralized and Real-Time Remote Project Management Capabilities
  • Online and Local CATI Project Supervision
  • Real-Time Online Reporting and Marginal Capabilities
  • Complete Study or Individual Interviewer Control Options
  • Real-Time Sample Loading and Questionnaire Revisions

And much more...

Integrated Surveys

Each station is web ready, allowing interviews to be conducted on client and partner servers over the largest bandwidth available. McMillion Research can also provide the ability for multiple interviewing resources to utilize a single data collection tool and conduct a large number of surveys in a limited time.

Predictive & PRO-T-S Automated Dialers

Again using the latest technology, McMillion Research utilizes the PRO-T-S Automated Dialers on their interviewing stations. This creates a production oriented environment while maintaining the best in quality control. The automated dialing system enhances production by eliminating most non-working and other coded responses, while recycling busy and no answer dials, minimizing time between dials for interviewers. The system is interviewer initiated, meaning a number is not produced until the interviewer is on the line and ready to interview unlike systems used by many telemarketers.

Dual-Stream Audio Recording

Using the latest audio recording module hardware, whole or partial interviews can be recorded for quality assurance purposes, open end capture and transcription, playback purposes within the survey. This is ideal for IDI and qualitative surveys.

Quality Assurance and Supervision

McMillion Research maintains an eight to one, interviewer to supervisor ratio to insure the utmost in quality assurance. All surveys are pretested and briefed prior to implementation by the project manager and supervisory staff. Interviewers complete both a hard-copy and CATI briefing prior to a study's start. McMillion Research validates no less than 10% of each interviewers work on a weekly basis. Validations are performed via two methods; direct monitoring and person to person, supervisor callbacks.

Interviewers are trained using the McMillion Research Training Guide, which was developed according to the standard prescribed in the BASES/BURKE Institute and M/A/R/C field training manuals. After this three day process, interviewers are placed on a probationary level until they pass the necessary skill evaluations merited through direct monitoring procedures.

Editing is conducted on all CATI projects by the Data Processing Department of McMillion Research. Open-ended questions are quality checked for proper probing and clarity and according to client instruction.


Project reporting is taken very serious at McMillion Research. In almost all cases a real-time online report is provided to all necessary parties for review. Standard production information such as interview length, incidence, and quota standing is easily reported, while more intricate information such as marginal and interim data reporting is also available on a daily/nightly basis depending on the nature of the request.


McMillion Research partners with Marketing Systems to pull sample for each project upon request. Quick turn-around is vital on most projects and the M-S-G group works closely with our team to provide simple and more intricate sample needs in a timely manner for quick-to-field projects.